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Our waters are the heart of Spadel

To be recognised as natural mineral water, the water must always come from the same protected source and have 100% natural and original purity. We are proud to be recognised as the leading European brand for quality natural mineral water and are passionate about preserving our natural environment. Discover how each of our brands contributes to natural hydration and a healthy tomorrow in their respective markets below.

SPA®. Op het leven.
SPA®. A la vie.

The natural mineral waters of SPA® are extracted following a long underground journey in the heart of the Fens, one of the largest protected natural areas in Europe. We have been doing everything we can for over 125 years to keep this nature reserve as intact and pure as possible to guarantee the purity of our mineral waters. It rains an average of 1.5 times more in Spa than anywhere else in Belgium, which means our source never becomes depleted. Ensuring you and future generations can always enjoy this extremely pure mineral water.

Bru - the naturally sparkling water from here

Bru® water springs naturally slightly sparkling near the Ardennes village of Stoumont. The source lies in a beautiful protected green area of 4,250 hectares, where the substrate has a specific mineral composition. This gives our water its perfectly neutral taste. The precious, natural pearls from Bru® are the result of long-term contact with unique carbonate rocks in the subsurface in and around Stoumont. When our water originates at the source, it is naturally a lightly sparkling refreshment… We don’t need to add a thing!


Everything begins in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges, where Wattwiller mineral water is sourced. Glacial peaks, lakes and forests coexist here in rare harmony. The forest massif alone covers two thirds of this protected area. From the peaks of the Vosges, the water slowly infiltrates underground through the fissures of the rock. Then begins an underground journey of several hundred years that gives the natural mineral water of Wattwiller its original purity. Indeed, three factors combined (a thick layer of clay, an artesian source, a depth of capture 150m underground) are its natural filters.


We love Carola for its authentic character and its good mineral balance, which make it the ideal partner for everyday dishes and fine dining alike. Steeped in Alsatian territory and more widely in the East, Carola embodies moments of conviviality, pleasure and sharing. Whether with family or friends, everyday life or unforgettable moments, there is always a Carola.

Devin - from the heart of the Rhodopes

At the very heart of the Rhodope Mountains, a land of magic and uncontaminated beauty, Devin Mineral is sourced from depth of 700m pure and fresh, unveiling its uniqueness and velvety taste. With its low minerals content and high pH level, Devin Mineral is suitable for people who have active lifestyle. It provides all the minerals you need, and ensures body healthy hydration in your busy everyday life.