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Spadel further strengthens the protection of its water catchment areas by going for AWS certification


The AWS standard (Alliance for Water Stewardship, www.a4ws.org ) describes good methods of the sustainable use of water in the production of various products (agriculture, industry, etc.). It is jointly developed by companies, NGOs and the public sector.

Spadel has always been a pioneer in the protection of its water resources. For example, the Spa water catchment protection zone has been in place for over 175 years. Every day the Spadel teams work together to continue this tradition of protection and improvement of the environment around the sources.

To recognize the work already done, but also and above all to go even further in the process, Spadel is committed to certifying all production sites according to the AWS standard by 2021.

Committing to AWS certification means:

To have your management methods evaluated by an independent external body and
To engage in a process of continuous improvement.

This way consumers can be assured that the water used to make their product is managed sustainably: without overexploitation, within the limits set by the local legal framework, and in all transparency and trust with other local actors using this water.

Spadel wants to communicate, to any person or institution that requests it, the list of its commitments and its main achievements in connection with the AWS action plan.


The first site of Spadel to undergo the AWS certification audit is Spa Monopole. The Spa Monopole audit will take place on June 15 and 16, 2020; Rue Auguste Laporte 34, 4900 Spa.

Ask your questions to the audit team

SGS will be the AWS auditor. SGS will collect any questions or comments from stakeholders related to sustainable water management on the Spa Monopole site.

Questions and / or comments can be submitted by email to the SGS audit team:
Olivier BODART - AWS Principal Auditor - SGS - Olivier.Bodart@sgs.com
Francesca CERCHIA - AWS Accreditation Manager and Certifier - SGS - francesca.cerchia@sgs.com

Contact us

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact Spadel at info@spadel.be