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Healthy refreshments

To promote hydration


To act as a responsible partner for society, establish strategic partnerships close to our core business.

In our partnerships, we choose to maintain the link with our core business. We have been working for a number of years on hydration.

Status 2019

Our hydration initiatives are based on the results of a collaboration with the University of Ghent. Research showed that the majority of children in primary school in Belgium are not sufficiently hydrated when they arrive at school or during the day.

In Bulgaria, Devin has ongoing media partnerships (unbranded campaigns) with related educational content on healthy hydration. Devin also supports a three-stage school program (workshop) in high schools on healthy hydration, zero littering and recycling in partnership with Ecopack and BCause.

Spadel continued to work with GoodPlanet to raise awareness on the importance of hydration in Belgian nursery, primary and secondary schools.

In the Netherlands, Spadel works in partnership with JOGG (Jongeren Op Gezond Gewicht). In June we were present at the 3x3 World Championship Basketball in Amsterdam. Because of the healthy brand policy of the municipality of Amsterdam, whereby recycling and sustainability are also important pillars, Spa was preferred as a sponsor.

Outlook 2020

We are continuing our partnerships in our different countries.

100% natural &
low caloric drinks


To be the trusted provider for natural and low caloric drinks.

The composition of Spadel lemonade and flavoured water has an impact on the health of our consumers. We are therefore constantly striving to reduce the caloric intake of our drinks.

Status 2019

The average content of our flavoured water and lemonade was ≤ 8,8 kcal/100 ml in 2019. A further reduction of 23% compared to 2018.

Spadel aims to integrate 100% natural products in its entire range by 2020. As there is no legal definition of what natural means Spadel and its stakeholders jointly developed a naturality framework. The origin and processing operation form the basis and a matrix was developed to define what is acceptable. In 2019 all recipes were aligned with our naturality framework.

KPI 2020:

Average calorie content of flavoured waters and lemonades: ≤ 9,7 kcal/100 ml – achieved in 2019
100% products according to Spadel naturality framework – achieved in 2018
On track

Outlook 2020

We are continuously working to further enhance our drinks and improve the health of our consumers.