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Acting together

Sustainability in everyone's job


To help every employee understand what sustainability means for Spadel and how this can be translated into their jobs.

Establishing a culture of sustainability across the organisation is only possible if each employee understands what sustainable development means at the Spadel company level and at the level of their personal role.

Status 2019

Following the launch of Source of Change in June, we gave priority to training the sales teams in sustainable packaging in each of our markets.

Spadel was one of the ambassadors of ‘Sign for my Future’ in Belgium, a broad coalition of concerned citizens, companies, NGO’s, and scientific institutions. Its aim was to push for ambitious climate actions in the new regional, Belgian and EU governments.

2019 also saw the start of Spadel’s development of a vision on Sustainable mobility. The way we travel - both commuting to work and travelling for work - is an important area that lacks coherence with our general sustainability approach.

KPI 2020:

70%* of Spadel employees understand what Sustainability means
70%* of Spadel employees state they have the competencies to put sustainability into practice
* A baseline measure for these % was completed as part of the Great Place to Work (GPTW) survey in 2018 (see Annual Report 2018). A new survey will be held in 2020.
Status: on track

Outlook 2020

We will continue our work to increase the understanding and implementation of CSR at Spadel by:

Extending the training of our sustainable packaging commitments to other departments;
Organising CSR Training in sites scoring below the average on the GPTW results from 2018;
Developing an online CSR introduction course for new colleagues;
Translating the vision on sustainable mobility to local action plans in our markets.

One Citizen Day


Enable every Spadel employee to give 1 working day per year to the community.

To create a culture of sustainability in the organisation we support volunteer work.

We encourage each employee to participate in an activity closely related to Spadel’s core business and for the benefit of society for one working day per year.

Status 2019

For the third edition in our Brussels office we selected six new projects in 2019. Three of those focused on litter. Up to 60% of our Brussels employees took part this year. Slightly lower (-5%) than last year and short of our objective of 70%.

A second edition was organised at Spa Monopole and Bru: 60% of workers (non-factory) participated in the Big Spring Clean (Grand Nettoyage de Printemps), almost doubling the participation rate from last year (32%) and well surpassing the 50% target.

A successful first edition took place in the Netherlands. Almost all of the Dutch colleagues (98%) took part to lend a hand at Park Zuiderpoort, a living environment for elderly people in Teteringen, close to Breda.

In France, employees from Carola and Wattwiller participated in the “Journée au vert”, a day offering various workshops and activities on a wide range of natural and healthy themes.

KPI 2020:

50% of our white collar (non-factory) employees participate (70% in Brussels office)
On track

Outlook 2020

In addition to new initiatives in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, 2020 will see a first edition of the One Citizen Day in Bulgaria.

To be a best workplace


To become a best workplace according to the Great Place to Work standard, in every country and entity.

Spadel wants to be a place where people like to work. To strengthen our organizational culture we work with the globally active Great Place to Work. Its recognition is based on the perception of employees and the employers policy.

Status 2019

Every 2 years Spadel organises a group-wide survey to measure and analyse worker satisfaction. In 2018 we achieved a very high participation rate: 94% of employees made their voices heard. Building on the results, action plans were drawn up for the period 2019-2020. Spadel France obtained the Great Place to Work label at the end of 2018.

2019 saw important changes at the HR Group level of Spadel. As such the action plans following the survey were delayed. Unfortunately this has an impact on achieving our objective for GPTW recognition in the other sites than France.

KPI 2020:

All sites Great Place To Work certified
Not on track

Outlook 2020

Work on the action plans will resume. How to be a great employer is also part of the discussions regarding the new CSR Strategy 2025.